EP. 4 KIRSTEN ASHER - Understanding the 4 "Whole Self Elements"



Kirsten Asher, CEO of Huntress and Co., Creator of Femethod.com, Speaker, Mindset and Movement Coach 

Kirsten Asher, CEO of Huntress and Co. and Creator of femethod.com. As a speaker and facilitator she specializes in EQ development, mindset and movement, using her background as a dancer, former Hollywood stunt woman, personal trainer, and Holistic Health Practitioner - she teaches the dynamics of resilience through emotional release.

With a passion for serving others she works with organizations and individuals to create mental and emotional agility using the power of dance, breathwork, movement, language, and clear actions steps to move people closer to their goals. femethod is used to help shift internal states of consciousness through non-traditional methods which help create a path for people to see how they too can empower their lives and make a bigger impact.

She has spoken for several organizations such as Lululemon, Meeting Planners International, Women of Influence Conference, SBA, National Association of Professional Women, and Annual Company Events

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