EP. 1 Why Women Should Invest in Themselves



CEO of Modest Muse Inc. and Multi Business Owner

Tiffany Mahon is founder of Modest Muse org a nonprofit for women to invest in themselves mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally in order to understand healing and dive deep into their deeper purpose.

Tiffany, also a multi business owner, has invested in multiple markets such as Taste of Gaia, a health and nutrition bar in Downtown Dallas , commercial real estate, and more to help build an empire for women to win.

She is a first generation American born Guyanese woman who has one mission to make change and unify the community. She has broken many barriers and generational curses as she is the first high school and college graduate that was raised by an extremely young supportive mother.

She uses her testimony of battling some of her life's most traumatic experiences and having faith to encourage others not to give up.

At the age of 25, Tiffany Mahon has inspired the community to not give up and provided the blueprint to success while paving the way for new faces in entrepreneurship.

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