Everything is Possible


"It always seems impossible until it's done".

Nelson Mandela

Who ran the very first 4 minute mile? It was Roger Bannister. A man who decided it could be done, and did it. Everything can seem impossible. Especially your vision for your life. The reason why is because there is a gap between what we want and where we are that none of us can understand or comprehend until the past has become our future, planned or unplanned. So no matter your dream, understand that not everyone, nor anyone for that matter, needs to understand or believe in your dream more than you do, because guess what, it CAN be done. Just because no one has yet to do it, doesn't mean it cannot or will not ever be done. So don't be discouraged. Keep dreaming and keep going. What you focus on becomes your reality.Β 

Love you, mean it!


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