Faith Over Fear Is a Win Over a Loss

"Always feed your faith, not your fears"

Every decision poses two options, fear or faith. Whether it be in your relationship, big life decisions, small daily decisions or within yourself, we all make decisions based from one or the other. You can either decide on having faith in your partner that they love you no matter what and that's that! Or it can be a toss up between what you're doing for "work" versus what you really want to do with your passion in life! No matter the decision you're faced with, Always choose from faith... faith in yourself, faith in God, faith your support system, faith in the universe and faith your abilities. You know as much as the next person. And if you don't by "text book" standards, so what! You might have the "know how" or the skillset that sets you apart. At the end of the day, you need to know and BELIEVE that God has given you everything you need to succeed in that endeavor or everything you need to be built for that lesson learned. All that matters is that you need to choose from faith, not fear. Fear is a limit on alllllll the possibilities. Whatever the outcome of your decision, you WILL gain something from it, so you might as well just have faith and carry on, move forward confidently and with a smile on your face! Hold that head high, you were built for this!

Love you, mean it!


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