The ONE Guarantee In Life That Will Change You.

"Growth is the only guarantee that tomorrow will get better."

-John C. Maxwell

But how do I grow? In the past few days alone, I've learned how. You must live in the shittiness of whatever it is you're experiencing until that time passes. Growth doesn't always happen in negative form, BUT it IS where the most growth occurs. Whether it's just the emotions taking place, or if it is actually a scenario in your life that you cannot escape, the process of experiencing observing things as they actually happen is where growth lies. What's that? Life is good and therefore you think you're growing? Wrong. Growth is intentional. When life is good, that is the prep time that is much needed to bear the lows we inevitably will have. Growth in the positive form means intentionally filling your mind, heart and soul with the strength it will need for the hurdles to come. This means reading, absorbing and practicing good thoughts and actions. I used to live what I called a "vacation life", living 1 block from the beach, working from home, no one to tell me what to do or when to do it (besides the occasional serving shift, but we all know how lenient that is). Life was full of abundance and a lot of free will. Just like John C. Maxwell thought, I, too, assumed that I would naturally grow in this process of just living and aging with time. Well, what I've learned is that when you want a specific outcome in life, whether it's a specific career, relationship, financial goal, etc., you MUST, and I repeat, MUST work on it with intention. You don't just grow into things that you wish for, you work toward them every day. And let me tell you, the more you want, the more work it takes, so how much are you willing to give in order to grow into that point? This is where the going gets tough, but it's true... "growth is the only guarantee that tomorrow will get better."

Love you, mean it!













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