How To Be Happier With Each Experience

"Happiness is a genuine satisfaction with your present experience"

-Raymond Charles Barker

A happy person makes for a better life. But sometimes it seems impossible to be happy. We try and we try and we try... and sometimes we fail. That's just it, we need to stop trying so hard and we need to just BE. If we already know that stress is caused by our thoughts and not what's actually happening, we can understand that happiness, too, is derived from the mind or our self. We all get a choice in life every single day, and that is to enjoy or not to enjoy what we are experiencing. No matter the circumstance, there is always something to be experienced positively in each and every situation. I promise!!! Think about that about your shitty job... it SUCKS, right?? But does it really? It's probably not as bad as you think. Take yourself out of the dark misery and see what's really happening... you have the opportunity to break down each and every moment of every situation and see the GOOD in it. Experience the people around you, the conversations happening, the simplicity of your blessed ability to create something from thought to physical action, the moment of the sun warming your face when it peaks through the window, the air you breathe, everything! There is good all around, but you just have to learn to focus on it, and once you do, you can become more happy with your present experience. Stop thinking about yesterday, stop being anxious about tomorrow, and just BE in the present, observing and experiencing all the little things around you.

Love you, mean it!




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