How To Change The Struggle—For Real

"Your wish is NOT your command. You will always fall back on your patterns and beliefs"


I’ve been wishing for a lot lately. Wishing to be done with this part of the process I’m currently in with my business. Wishing for my old life back where I used to spend time enjoying the outdoors every single day. Wishing for more time. Wishing for more happiness. Needless to say, my wishes have only been just a wish. And when I continue to realize that none of them are coming true, I’ve fallen back on bad patterns of discontentment, frustration, anger, poor eating, bad sleep patterns, no gym time, and probably more. These are patterns of sabotage. It’s been a while since I’ve fallen back on these patterns and I need to break it. I’ve steered away from reading and fueling my mind with the good stuff that created better patterns for myself. The good stuff that got me in the gym, kept me in a positive mood, inspired me to eat better, and fueled me with more discipline. Since I’ve been wallowing in old bad patterns, I’ve forgotten much of what I believe in. It’s somewhere in the back of my mind floating around. I can see it, hear it and feel it at times, but it’s as if it’s lost or off course. I truly do believe that I am blessed, I am capable, my success is inevitable and I am a happy person. It’s time that I get those thoughts back on track and get back to living with more conducive patterns to lead my daily life in the best direction.

Because I’ve read, meditated and learned to believe to my core that I am all those good things, I know it’ll be ok and I’ll begin better patterns But that’s not the case with everyone, unfortunately. Not everyone has had the experience of reading and absorbing the knowledge that I’ve seeked out in recent years. Not everyone has had the privilege of being introduced to new concepts and vision. But that’s ok... if that’s you and you’re reading this now, please know that you, too, are more than capable and deserving of changing that. We all are. And also know that people who are “blessed” or privileged in the sense that they have been “presented” opportunity, also struggle like you and have had to make choices to get put them in these situations. We ALL struggle with set backs, negativity, discouragement, etc., etc. No human is different, but rather we are unique, and the things that makes anyone unique are their decisions and actions. So if you want something different for yourself, it takes a decision that must be acted on. DECIDE that you want to learn more. DECIDE that you want to experience something else. DECIDE who you wish to be and ACT so hard on these delisions that you begin to steer yourself in the direction you want to go in with intention. You can begin to develop the right kinds of patterns and belief systems about yourself and the world you live in that will carry you through challenges and struggles. And when you slip back into old patterns unintentionally, you’ll know that it’s ok and you will be able to rise back up because you’ve prepared. You will have experienced better patterns and beliefs and you will have the strength to win again

Patterns and beliefs are what lead your life. You can start building the kinds of patterns and beliefs that make for a better life TODAY. And know that it’s perfectly normal and ok NOT to be perfect at all times. Nobody is. But you can be excellent at getting yourself back on track, and that begins with what you’ve taught yourself by the decisions and actions you’ve taken to prepare yourself. You’ve got this. I’ve got this. We all have this and are in it together.

Love you, mean it!













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