How To Stop Stress!

It is only your thoughts, not the world, that causes stress".

-Dr. Wayne Dyer

One of my all time favorite quotes. Ever. When I first read this, my mind instantly absorbed and stored it away forever. It is usually the simplest of things like this that make all the difference in how we run our lives. This quote really separates reality from what's perceived as reality and the difference is monumental! For all those times you feel overwhelmed with concern and worry, try to remember that it is not what's happening around you, or seemingly happening, but it's what your mind is telling you to feel. The world is ever changing, human emotions are always fluctuating, the sun continues to rise and set... this constant moving of energy between all things is always there, so it's not what's actually happening, but rather it is what you're feeling or how you're responding to this energy around you. And that, my friend, is all in the mind! Therefore, stress is self inflicted by YOUR THOUGHTS. Period. Change your thoughts, change your reality. 

Love you, mean it.





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