Life Is Always Happening FOR You

- Kali

We’ve all heard it before, yet we all tend to forget this when we’re in the thick of things that seem to be falling apart or completely off track. Here’s what I realized tonight... you don’t always need a bulldozer to move a mountain. Sometimes all you need are rocks and most of the time that’s all we have.

When life’s troubles seem so MASSIVE at the time or when you can see your goals but they seem sooooo far away, all you wanna do is just bulldoze you’re way through that mountain to the end! But again, most of the time, all we have are rocks. And so what do you need to do? You need to pick the damn rocks up and start throwing them at that mountain! Or start sharpening up some tools with these rocks so you can start picking and digging your way through it! One inch at a time and one day at a time. Have you ever thought about those movies where prisoners escape by slowly chipping and digging through walls and underneath the ground? Well who were the ones that got left behind? I’ll tell you, it was those who did NOTHING and allowed that 4 inch thick brick (or 10”, idk, prison isn’t my expertise 🤷🏻‍♀️) stand between them and their freedom. Now I’m not saying escaped convicts deserve their freedom, but don’t you think YOU do?

The circumstances we face in life are all the same for everyone. We want something over there, yet we are standing right here and there’s all this mud, sadness, broken glass, walls, ditches, hurdles and mountains standing between us. But don’t let discourage you. EVER. Not knowing how difficult the course may be or not knowing how you’re going to get THERE from HERE has no relevancy in the actual solution or actions we take in getting there. Like I said, all you need are some rocks, which translates to “baby steps”. Do ONE thing at a time. Take ONE step at a time. Keep trying everything you can! And sometimes, the stars align, the creativity hits, the flow begins and life hands you a bulldozer of an idea, solutions, opportunity and everything you needed to make a MASSIVE leap forward without you even knowing it. Then, all of a sudden, you realize you are standing SO far from where you were yesterday.

All the conversations, all the struggle, all the failures, lack of money, missed opportunities and so on, and so on... they were all necessary situations that eventually broughy you to where you are today and where you’ll be in the end. Pssst... just so you know, there really is no “end” in this physical life other than death itself. So just know that you’re always AT your destination and what you want “over there” isn’t and shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the process, the journey and all of life’s lessons. It’s ALWAYS happening FOR you. So please don’t take that for granted and keep moving forward with all your might and all the gift that God has given you!

Love you, mean it!













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