What Is The Value Of Life?

"The value of life is in its donation, not its duration"

-Dr. Myles Munroe

I get so hung up on TIME that it blocks all channels of creativity, freedom, breath, vision and purpose. TIME is man-made, and we abide by it in society, yet it is not to be applied to the meaning or value that we have in this short-lived life. The question, "when will I become successful?" is one that I catch myself stressing over too often. Many of us do. But in reality, it is not a TIME sensitive thing that allows us to feel most on purpose and doing our best, but rather it is the value of who you are being in each new day and experience that you are gifted. Holding a piece of God inside all of us means that we are to act out this journey of life with love, kindness and care for the people around us. What I fail to remember in times of stress is that if I just do this, if I just turn on the gift He has given me and apply it to every day life, I will be serving Him as I should be and I will be providing the value that I was intended to provide to the world around me. The success I seek will follow this in its most divine timing as I will attract and expand on all the right opportunities that will come from me giving my value to the world. So... the next time you find yourself stuck on the timing of things to manifest in your life, remember that it is not timing, it is the value that you provide that will allow your heart, eyes and ears to open up to the next steps you need to get to where you are going. 

Love you, mean it!




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