"Your wish is NOT your command. You will always fall back on your patterns and beliefs"


A wish is only a wish. But patterns, those are what keep you doing and moving. We all aspire to be somewhere or something in this life. No matter how big or how simple your desire, it does not come to fruition without some action, and with the right patterns, you can manifest anything you wish in this life. Creating a life you love or obtaining the success you dream of takes effort and it starts at the root... with your mind. How optimistic about this goal are you? How often do you think of it on the forefront? What do you believe about it? What don't you believe about it? Once you create a healthy mindset around that goal, what daily habits do you do? What major actions are you taking, what patterns are you creating? Outcomes in life don't JUST happen. A professional athlete doesn't win championships without practice and practice and practice and practice... The building you're in right now began as a mere thought, a dream in someones mind, but it wasn't until that thought was expanded on with the belief that they could build it or the patterns of action that took that person a step closer each and every day to learn how to draw it out, how to articulate it, who to set a meeting with to build it and so on and so forth. EVERYTHING begins with a thought and the more healthy your thoughts are about what it is you want, the more conducive your day-to-day actions will be that will get you closer and closer to your ultimate goal. You can wish all you want. All day. Every day. But if you don't move toward that dream of yours with consistency, you will not manifest your wish. You might believe that you want it so badly that you will eventually just make it happen, but the truth is, wishing is not enough. What you do in the dark will shine in the light and if you're not taking the steps necessary every day to learn and grow toward your wish, you might as well continue sleeping on that dream over and over because that's where it will remain... in your dreams, not in your reality. 

So I urge you... if you have a wish, start to set your mind on that wish in the most optimistic and positive frame of mind and begin creating better habits that are conducive to your ultimate success with that wish. I can tell you from experience that I have had a wish for many years to have a certain kind of life and run a certain kind of business, and I truly and strongly believed that I wanted it bad enough that it would just happen. But after years of believing and positively thinking about it, I am still not where I want to be because I haven't worked hard enough on the patterns and actions I've needed to get me closer to that wish. These past 3 years have been a lot of growth and learning for me and I am now about to launch my business and I've began planning out the next steps in manifesting the way of life that I wish to have. There's always work to be done, but it can't get done without some doing.

Love you, mean it!







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