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The Chuck Norris Blue Line Label (Case of 50 2oz Sample Packs)

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In 2020 our country experienced an unfortunate string of riots and cop-shaming with our front line men and women becoming targets for hate, injury, emotional & mental defeat. I happened to be living in Dallas at the time and it brought such frustration to me that I immediately created the first Blue Line Label coffee sample pack to begin fueling our front lines for the tireless days and nights they experienced. I've carried these sample packs around to gift a cop when I see one, and we've made a few deliveries to our local department. Their appreciation of these gestures has inspired me to extend this opportunity to more people who wish to show their support in their own local town. Thank a cop and share the love!


  • Each package requires a minimum of 50 2oz sample packs.

  • 2oz Ground HIGH VIBE blend, organic, low acidic, and naturally extra-caffeinated

  • Due to the high quantity and fresh roasting, please expect 7-10 days for shipping