About LYMI Coffee

Coffee is a universal language... a lot like love.

Coffee is a universal language… just like love. Both thrive through community and both are easily shared (well, unless you’re one of the unique ones who doesn’t like coffee, but stick around, there’s still something special for you here).

LYMI Coffee was started to bring a community together. I wanted to serve people through something I could be proud to call my own. It’s all I’ve ever known how to do. Thank you, mom! (She is one of the most giving, caring, and kind people I know) LYMI exists today because of what she instilled in me. ❤️

There is no grand story about visiting the coffee farmers (not yet, at least). So, what IS the story? Maybe it’s not so much about the story of the past as much as it is ‘what is LYMI’s mission’? For years I worked in philanthropy consulting helping charities reach more people to have a stronger impact, I spent many long days & weeks creating events of all kinds, from red carpet extravaganza’s to charity gala’s, hosting special guests and attendees from all walks of life. Through a decade of these experiences and stemming as far back from my earliest memories, I found it substantially fulfilling to make people smile and feel a sense of belonging. THAT’S what I’ll continue to do through LYMI Coffee.

I will always strive to bring the most meaningful of moments, provide the most value, contribute inspiring mind-hacks, and of course, offer nothing but the finest coffee. So while there is no heart-warming story of a trip overseas as of now, LYMI represents something powerful–the present, this very moment. What will you make of it? What will you make of each cup? How will you appreciate it? For now, I want you enjoy this first blend of specially crafted Indian and Brazilian beans. They have been carefully selected and fairly traded to care for the farmers who delicately cared for cup and your moment. I appreciate you! Love you, mean it -K

Love you, mean it–