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Here are some helpful videos to get better acquainted with the Prevail Relief Enzymes. In order to help more people heal, we must first educate on the product, so take a moment to understand what they’re all about and think about how they can help YOU. 


You will find the following information in videos below:

➤ A LIVE demonstration of pudding becoming liquid within seconds!
➤ A medical presentation by Dr. Tim who provides science and research to explain the enzymes
➤ A live Facebook talk by the formulators themselves who dive depp into the full healing power and benefits of their product


Below is a short list of the testimonies that have been shared by our friends and family who take Prevail Relief Enzymes:
  • No more bloating
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Helps with regularity
  • Reduced inflammation
  • No more headaches
  • Better sleep
  • Better breathing going up and down stairs
  • Flatter stomach
  • Rheumatoid arthritis has reduced or disappeared
  • Acid reflex has reduced or disappeared
  • Pain has reduced or disappeared


Pudding Magic Trick!

Watch the enzymes in action as they break down the Jello Pudding right in front of your eyes within 45-60 seconds in this 6:51 min video!

WHAT, WHY, and HOW Enzymes Work

Want the quick educational run down on WHAT the enzymes are made of, and WHY & HOW they work? Listen to Dr. Tim explain in this 28:57 min presentation. 


Meet Sean and Tylene, the researchers and formulators!

Find out why NBA Star, Steve Nash, and several other pro athletes have worked with them and their products for 2 decades! Listen to Sean and Tylene discuss their story in a Facebook live chat!
Take note of the testimonies that are being commented throughout the live talk! Click image to watch video.
Sean and Tylene live Facebook talk about enzymes 
Don't wait to find out what they can do for you or someone you love. Get back with the person who sent you this valuable information and order your bottle's today. 
    Prevail Relief Enzymes
    These are NOT medical claims, nor do the opinions or stories shared by the individuals in the videos above state any medical claims. These are opinions and real testimonies collected and shared by real people.